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From Top to Bottom: Turquoise, Tomato Purée, Fusion Coral, Violet, Tuscany, Aurora, Amparo Blue, Pink Champagne, Dried Herb, Eucalyptus.


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I’m building my selection of St. Patrick’s Gifts and wanted to share with you, they are unique handmade gifts and will sure make a lot of success among friends, family, co-workers or any special one we have in mind for this occasion, anyways, I’m not done with it so stay tuned I’ll finish up my selection before the 17th. Don’t forget to share this delightful selection.

Small Round Green Bubble pendant by mannmadedesigns

Get Your Irish On by ShamefulTees

Green Diva On Fire by ArtByHandz

Irish Shamrock Ring by CreaShines

Blades of Grass Necklace by brookadelphia

Shamrock Bracelet by LovelandShadeTree

Little Leprechaun From the Emerald Isle by RagamuffinDesign

Real hand picked handmade Lucky Four Leaf Clover Keychain by alfrescouniquegroup

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This is my lucky week, just got the gift of stones.
There is the package that just came from Artbeads. I was commenting to a friend online I had a few projects in mind trying to make some more money for my donations this month that I have 3 places to send the money I make, the Restavek Foundation for Haiti, my usually supported cause The not for sale campaign and Chile red cross, dont know if I will make it there but will try at least a few bucks for each one of them, I’m doing my best but things still slow, then my friend turns to me and say ”I have a coupon” , the rest you can figure out, can’t you….

I couldn’t help but notice how beautifully wrapped my gift arrived, how careful they are with each package that leaves their warehouse, wish I couldn’t have to open but….. can’t help being silly 😛

Now, here I am just about to jump into my big cup of pretty crystals, rondelles, gemstones, cabochons, vintage glass, I hope I can work hard enough for my purposes… ^_^

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Just got my new Complete Book of Polymer Clay by Lisa Pavelka. I in awe, I have all her books, I follow her work and its amazing what she can do with polymer clay and mixed media, she’s one of my polymer clay Goddess. Her creativity had no boundaries and everything she does if it’s not nearly perfect, it’s just on purpose, Im a declared fan of this artist.

The book is really complete, for beginners, intermediate and advanced clayers, it is clear, concise and has a lot great techniques you might have missed not going to her workshops but that it’s worth learning and for my surprise, guess what I found? the wonderful techinique i’m searching for this week, the screening print or silkscreening plus a whole lot more from essentials, tools and accessories, skinner blending, millefiori caning, image transfers, mkumé gané, mica shift effects, leaf and foiling effects, faux effects, stamping, sculpting and a huge gallery of projects presented by great clay artists. I will soon start trying some of the techiniques and will post some directions for them here, now, Lord give me strength, I love making my own tutorials, the thing is, Im always alone and even if I’m not, my kids do not really have photographer skills to help me with the work itself cos a lot of tutorials are made of good pictures but I will try.

For now, just stay with the teaser pictures from my new friend 😛

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Use your vast imagination and creativity to decorate this Valentines card. Send me a photo of it later, Ill be wonderfully glad to see it 🙂

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