A few days later and here I am, still tired but full of ganas and loving the apparent new life, even knowing that is not gonna be forever but it will for long enough, talking about my new 20 year old Vietnamese daughter who landed on my house a few days ago, we are still getting used to her, she is easy going, smiley and sweetie, everyone is loving the new experience, I even more cos never had a daughter, it’s a a lil scare the whole experience and I will do whatever it takes to make it work and worth.

Now, this week in my facebook fan page facebook fan page Im giving away that pretty copper bracelet in the picture to my fan number 700 to celebrate Easter time, so whoever will be the 700 just leave a comment on the fan page wall and I will be right there to ship your gift so take the chance, invite your friends to become a fan so they will have the chance to win.


A few pieces of mind

Not always life allows me to be here bringing what I found interesting for and from the handmade world, I have found a lot of good stuff to bring over but not being able to take the time to organize and bring it in a neat condition the way everyone deserves, long gone it was the time where just writing about could be enough, now we have many other options to reach for if we want an attractive presentation so the time you get for a post is pretty much increasing day by day, especially when the author has more than one blog or sites to post to so here I am, just to let folks know Im still up and about but that will be down and off sometimes to take care of my life a bit, now I have a new member in family too so things have change a lot in quite a few days, life is surprising and we should be aware of this every second of it waiting for smtg to happen, good or bad, doesn’t matter, it will…..

I’m building my selection of St. Patrick’s Gifts and wanted to share with you, they are unique handmade gifts and will sure make a lot of success among friends, family, co-workers or any special one we have in mind for this occasion, anyways, I’m not done with it so stay tuned I’ll finish up my selection before the 17th. Don’t forget to share this delightful selection.

Small Round Green Bubble pendant by mannmadedesigns

Get Your Irish On by ShamefulTees

Green Diva On Fire by ArtByHandz

Irish Shamrock Ring by CreaShines

Blades of Grass Necklace by brookadelphia

Shamrock Bracelet by LovelandShadeTree

Little Leprechaun From the Emerald Isle by RagamuffinDesign

Real hand picked handmade Lucky Four Leaf Clover Keychain by alfrescouniquegroup

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I love earrings, that one can say for My Store there are more earrings than anything hee hee hee, with a gipsy root family I confess I love necklaces too but no only the big, long, chunky ones, any kind, but today I’m gonna talk about earrings and not is fairer than bringing over a collection I got amazingly built from the Craft Community I just joined and enjoying so much. The pieces I collected are not fabricated, they are simply handmade with love and good thoughts, every piece are unique and wonderfully crafted, exposed with carefully taken pictures and described with all the best feelings they have for it, now let’s take a delightful look at them and feel the inspirational muse inside every one of us.

Tiger Lily Earrings By kiwisaskatoon

Lacey by Fo-Shizzle Design Studios

Blossom Earrings By Celandine

Cappuccino Earrings by Etco

Turquoise Black Scroll Heart Earrings By DRyan327

Solstice by Sunken Garden Beads

To all the women that made and make my life everyday
To my craft friends,
My teachers, My neighbors
My friends, colleagues, co-workers
To the ones who fight by my side and against me,
To the ones in Iraq, Mozambique, Haiti,
To the ones in Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Chile
Mexico or wherever they could be
The rich ones, the healthy, the sick
The ones in prayer on their knees
To the abused, scared and hurt
To the homeless, slave, forced to serve
To the mothers, grandmothers, aunties and cousins and sisters
My thoughts are for you, this is your Day
And no matter how hard life is
The power of every change lies only inside of you

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This month is the National month for Crafts, a great time to celebrate creation and creativity so why not give a chance to that old projects you started but haven’t finished yet or those fabulous kits you got but no time to work with them or even a new art you have in mind and would like to give it a try, I personally think, this crafting month is positively the excuse we all need to put hands on again.

For those who don’t make crafts, what better reason to start crafting? Crafting has many benefits; it can help reduce stress, it’s relaxing, bring families closer together, and you can learn new skills also!

Not sure what craft to try? Here are some creative ideas brought to my mind that might help:

CollageFind out how to make a collage and explore several inspirational collage projects you can create yourself.

Candle Making Instructions, techniques, information, ideas, projects, forums, message boards, classifieds, and a link directory.

Crocheting Free & Easy, how-to crochet instructions including illustrations and abbreviations in English, Spanish and French. Let’s get started.

Kinitting Learn how to knit, purl, cast-on and more with our free instructional videos and knitting forum community.

Embossing Embossing is a technique which creates a raised, or 3-dimensional, image on a piece of paper.

Decoupage Learn how to decoupage. Here are basic decoupage techniques, supply lists, and easy projects you can do.

QuiltingFree quilt patterns and quilt block patterns, along with graphics and complete instructions that help you learn how to make quilts.

Sewing Free sewing projects, free patterns, learn to sew articles, SEW-lutions Guidelines, sewing and craft tips

Tie-Dye Free tie dye instruction can get you started decorating your own shirts with simple dying techniques.

Cross StitchingFree resources include stitching techniques, chat rooms, accessory sources, and some project charts.

Embroidery Free step by step instructions for embroidery. Lessons are illustrated. Learn the art and stitches of this wonderful craft today.

Card Making Making greeting cards is a wonderful hobby to enjoy with your family and friends. In fact, card making is becoming more and more popular and it’s now a novelty to send handmade greeting cards.

Soap MakingLearn how to make soap with easy to understand soapmaking instructions and soap making tutorials, soap making recipes and fun soap making projects.

Beading A community for makers of handcrafted jewelry that offers free projects, forums, daily newsletter, and more.

Acrylic Painting Learn acrylic painting techniques quickly and easily with these tutorials and articles.

Faux PaintingFind information about Faux painting techniques and how to faux paint. Learn about faux paint and glazes, and faux painting techniques including sponging.

Oil Painting A practical guide to painting in oils, from aesthetics to selling your work.

Green Projects A green world begins with a green home. The limit to how green your home can be is up to how willing you are to adjust your lifestyle.

Scrapbooking Learn scrapbook making online with the scrapbooking tips. Learn about scrapbook themes and techniques and how to find the best project for you.

FeltingFelting is actually an ancient craft that has become increasingly popular lately. Felting is the process of transforming wool into a dense cloth by bonding and shrinking the fibers together. Technically, there are three types of felting: wet felting, needle felting, and commercial felting.

Glass Etching An inexpensive and easy glass Etching project you will love.

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