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Brazilian Easter chocolate eggs are a tradition. every year tons of Easter eggs are sold in stores nationwide like this one, this one and this one that seems not to feel the economic recession weight.
Way before Easter time, they are already decoration the places with chocolate eggs, baskets, bunnies and all kinds of chocolate gifts you could possibly imagine and attracting thousands to shoppers and chocolate lovers no matter if kids, teens, adults or seniors everyone has to buy chocolate eggs.
Prices and sizes vary and you can have them in baskets or just in a single wrapped decorated foil paper, the kinds are suitable to all tastes and flavors are added every year as a surprise, below are some my mom sent over to me, those are ones of the traditionals, last year I couldnt show them, they came all broken but this year I got them all in perfect condition. Hope you appreciate the view as much as I will appreciate eating them thinking of you 😉 Happy Easter you all ….


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