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Self-Expression of my Soul

1. As you become more daring, people familiar with your work may think you have been snorting liver of sulfur. they just like the old stuff. Your new work may not sell well initially, and you may be tempted to retreat to your former design comfort zone. Film director Sydney Pollack stated that he looks for that small wedge of the public pie that will support exactly what he loves to do. Rather than adjusting to external demands, Frank, too, looks for the wedge.

2. Your jewelry will likely face increased rejection. This is a good sign. It means that your designs are strongly self-expressive,and some people are simply no going to warm up to them. Rejection may come in the form of harsh criticism, but, more likely it arrives in the form of a ”stare” or quickly averted eyes. Accepting, even welcoming, rejection takes the power out of it.

3. You will feel happier and more passionate. Even though he faced fear of financial ruin, Frank Gehry routinely experienced joy in his work after he stopped constructing malls. All of us have had at least flashes of pure satisfaction in manifesting our vision.

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