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With Spring on the door, colors coming brightly to my sight I was seeking some project ideas to make for this season when I found a book from Sherri Haab with a pretty and exciting idea, Lucite flowers bracelets, in any color, but the vibrant are the best for the season. “Lucite” is the brand name of a specific kind of poly-acrylic plastic created in 1931 and used extensively in a diverse collection of products throughout the 1930’s and 40’s. Sherri has the wonderful ability to make different kinds of media and color work together, the result you can see as a simple but eye-catching piece that makes you stand out of the crowd.


Plastic Lucite flowers with center holes.
Charm bracelet chain
Glass or plastic round beads
Head pins
Round nose pliers
Wire clippers
Chain nose pliers

1 – Arrange clusters of coordinating color combination for the flowers. Make staked designs with larger pieces on the bottom and either one or two smaller flowers placed on top. Arrange them along the chain bracelet to create a composition.

2 – Slide a bead onto a headpin for the center of the flower or use a decorative head or ball pin for the center. After adding the bead, thread the flower pieces onto the head pin.

3 – Form a loop on the back with the wire using round nose pliers. this loop will be used to attach the flower cluster to the chain. Leave the loop open till step 5.

4 – Repeat steps 2 and 3 to make series of flower clusters on head pins for the chain. Attach each cluster by attaching the formed loop to the chain.

5 – Finish each loop by twisting the end of the wire of the head pin around the base of the loop.

6 – Clip off the excess wire and tuck the end of the wire in with the tip of the chain nose plier. Add extra beads along the chain, if desired, to add bulk to the bracelet. Use the round nose and chain nose pliers to attach the beads in the same manners as the flowers were attached.

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